The REAL truth about the “FLASHY ISLAM BROTHERS” - Daily Mirror Viral Article!

The Daily Mirror article did a great job to get these “flashy brothers” in my attention, although the article did not really go into the depth of providing some real background story in regards to the Islam brothers departure from Onelife. I personally thought onelife and onecoin has closed down and millions of people got scammed overnight, the article made a viral news across the globe. Some people went to the extent of claiming these two brothers are CEO of onecoin and left people out dry with no hope. However this is far stretched and far from the truth.

Here are some true facts about this story that can be validated by the existing onecoin members who are currently active or those who have left this business:

Ø  Moyn and Monir Islam are IMAs of onelife just like the 3 million other IMAs in the company
Ø  They were originally sponsored by Jose Gordo and he is one of the biggest original promoter of onelife.
Ø  They have personally sponsored 32 people in the company and those 32 sponsored their people which led to a big organisation.
Ø  Moyn and Monir were not the first to promote onecoin/onelife in UK, there were already 7000 distributors existed.
Ø  There are 100s of other top promoters are alone in the UK who have far bigger organisation and some have even left the company a while back.
Ø  99% of their team are actively promoting onecoin and onelife as of now despite their departure.
Ø  Regular onelife events are still being carried out across UK and globally
Ø  They were not the only individuals who appeared on the stage giving speech about personal development and Onelife, there were more than 100s of individuals go on to the stage and do the same, it is part of events culture and business as they say.

Before we jump into the more detailed of the story, first let’s look at what exactly these “ISLAM brothers” have been involved in:
There are two concepts one may need to understand before reading this article; Cryptocurrency & MLM.

This company has three separate entities as follows:
·       Onelife “The OneLife Network business model is based on a direct sales concept, in which members can profit by referring and selling our educational packages about cryptocurrency and financial management.” Quoted from the onelife website at

·       Onecoin – “OneCoin is a digital currency, based on cryptography and created through a process called 'mining'. Just like the serial number on a paper bill, each digital coin is unique. OneCoin's blockchain sets a new industry standard by storing KYC information. It runs every minute and is tailored to meet both customer and merchant needs. With its finite number of 120 billion coins, OneCoin is one of the biggest reserve currencies worldwide.” Quoted from website.

·       One Academy – “OneAcademy is an innovative e-learning platform covering a broad range of financial topics including trading, the stock exchange, cryptocurrency, financial analysis, asset management and more. Our mission is to provide our students with the guidance and educational materials they need to achieve financial literacy. Developed by finance experts and academics, OneAcademy is highly-structured and easy to understand. Learn at your own pace and be part of the future of global finance.” – Quoted from website.

People who join this company as affiliate are known as IMA (Independent Marketing Associate) and the full terms and condition can be found on Onelife website at

Here are some facts about the company as of now:

Ø  The company do not sells “Coins” but education packages (which is a financial course on cryptocurrency and other financial topics) through Onelife.
Ø  The Company is still ACTIVE in over 200 countries including UK and has 3 million active user base
Ø  Onecoin is not a publicly listed cryptocurrency as of yet.
Ø  Onecoin claims to go to Public Exchange and IPO by 2018
Ø  The company has a shopping platform and has 23000 registered merchants, members can buy and sell goods using onecoin cryptocurrency or liquid cash.
Ø    The company claims to be the first cryptocurrency to be used by the masses and by 2018 it will have over 1 million active merchants accepting onecoin.
Ø  Currently internal trading is inactive in onecoin since the inception of the dealshaker shopping platform.
Ø  Onecoin is compliant with KYC procedure (Know your customer)
Now that we understand briefly what this company is all about and also we acknowledge that Moyn and Monir are not the partner or the founder of onecoin/onelife or own any share of the company but their just IMAs like everybody else who got involved in this opportunity.
Why did they leave onecoin/onelife and decided to move on to another venture? And abandon their entire team?

Since the departure of Islam brothers, 99% of their team are currently led by the pioneers of onecoin; Steinkellar Brothers, Jose Gordo, Dr Zafar, Yasir Mirza, Kari Whoolrhouse (these are some heavy hitters in onecoin and make significant income on the chain) they currently run events together in UK. Some of the top promoters from Islam Brothers team are getting support from Jose Gordo and Steinkellar brothers exclusively. Not so abandoned after all it seem? One promoter goes another drops from the chain! Seems like the support system not that terrible than I thought, of course company is not paying any attention to the network and they have not issued any statement about their departure.

This was the public statement they made regarding their belief in Onecoin and future of onelife:

“It is a true fact we won’t be networking for Onelife, however we believe in Dr Rujas vision and we believe in the coins, this is why we still have our accounts, we still have the coins, we just won’t be networking for Onelife”
“It is very important you understand, we don’t believe in onelife on building a long term network marketing business, however we believe in onecoin and we still believe in Dr Rujas Vision.”

This may or may not sound contradictory but I had to be clear on this point and manage to get chance to speak to Moyn over FB, I was surprised he would response back! my question was as following:

How can you have belief in Onecoin but not Onelife? Do they not work together in order for it to be a successful cryptocurrency?

Moyn “It is not necessary at all, at this current stage onecoin needs more merchants than people buying packages, onelife can’t be their forever providing education services to the masses. Onecoin lacks liquidity at this stage, onecoin is working towards getting more merchants on board. Onecoin do not need more people to join the internal exchange as priority but they need more merchants, this has been talked over many times in our events. The vision of this company is to be a merchant coin also, where the value of the coin needs to be stable enough in order for it to be accepted by the wide variety of merchants. In my opnion..Dr Ruja has a plan and vision to make this transition to public exchange by 2018 successfully and I hope everything goes according to plan as I have put a lot of my saving in this like many people. 99% of our team are still doing onelife and it is their own choice”
Well their team disagrees and they are still active, rock and rolling!

What made you guys join such schemes on the first place? Were you not aware about the “longevity” of onelife? To me it seems like you guys are just jumping the sinking ship?

“We joined onecoin is because we heared about the bitcoin prior and its success story like many individuals, therefore we did not want to miss out on another global opportunity like many people who joined along us. To us it was more than another bitcoin cryptocurrency because the company aims to provide a global payment solution for the third world population. Over two billion people are currently unbanked, and the companies vision is to provide an affordable borderless payment solution that can help so many people to enhance their lives. We did not see anything that other people didn’t see through the 15 minutes vide that is on youtube and what Dr Ruja has presented on the national event. The company has over three million active user invested into this vision and concept. We saw the credibility of the co-founder, we saw the endorsement from Financial IT and other outlets, which made us join this business. Every single person who joined through us were through their own due diligence just like we did. There was no Onelife when we started it was just onecoin as single entity, it was only established very recently. We believe in the network marketing opportunity just like the 80 million network marketers around the globe, we did not see any future in Onelife as a network marketing company, We still believe in the onecoin and its concept, it is our business decision to move on to something where we see a long term future with the right leadership just like people change jobs every single year, just like businesses move on to different products everytime, if you want to call that “jumping sinking ship” then so be it! There are 1000s of onelife networkers are already part of different opportunities already.”

So out of 3 million independent marketing associates how did  Moyn and Monir got the lime light on Daily Mirror? In fact why there was no mention of all the other top leaders who are currently involved in other companies and these “get rich quick scheme” sales man had far bigger team than the “Islam Brothers” in Onelife? I got a chance to ask couple of more questions to Moyn Islam over facebook and that was his response.

Is there anything more you would like to add on the Daily Mirror article?
“There are many individuals behind the formation of this article, they have previously promoted onelife heavily but now doing other opportunities, they are struggling with their current business endeavour. The journalist who wrote this was well aware of our departure few weeks ago, as he came to our events and we told him clearly we are no longer promoting onelife. He could have just posted about the “flashy islam brothers” a while back. It is also astounding is that there are far more bigger and important people who have already left onelife before us but there were no media outburst.”

Maybe you guys have sold this opportunity as “Get rich quick scheme” to the public?
We have personally sponsored 32 individuals in this business and we presented this business many times online and on even stage like 100 other IMAs of ONELIFE, some of the presentation we did can be found online, and tell us from one of the occasions where we sold this as get rich quick scheme? We were recognised as the  most professional team in UK in an international event in uk by the ambassador of onelife. We did not sponsor thousands of people, why we are accountable for someone else action who miss sold this opportunity?”

“We could have easily stayed silent while making substantial income and carry on with other business opportunities, But instead we let everyone know our concern with Onelife but of course some people won’t like it, whether they are in onelife or outside of this business
“Truth will be revealed God willing, and all those who try to tarnish our names by misrepresenting our values and spreading propaganda about us will get what they deserve in due course, we are patient at this stage and focusing on building our business”

What’s the difference between Onelife and your new venture which is Wolrd Global Technology? Similar get rich pyramid scheme?

“If you want to call this a pyramid scheme, than Richard Branson, Eric Wore, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins and many other credible individuals in various different industries will disagree with you. We are partnered with Toshiba product, it is wearable technology, health monitoring device. Our company is publicly traded in NASDAQ and it is legally running on 195 countries. There isn’t much difference between us and Samsung or Apple as a technology company, only thing we are providing is an opportunity for people to refer this product to others to make commission, just like how paypal and many other giants started with referral marketing. This is a company where we do not have to deal with negativity, it is a tangible product that resolves real world issue and has impact in people lives.”

Well to sum it up, Islam brothers are not alone who are solely responsible for people who got into such scheme but every single individual that signed up by their own “greed” or “delusion”, whatever the positive reason it maybe, this is my personal opinion, do not go around and blame one single person who you deemed to be your “saviour” or the person with all the answers. The company is still active and has not been shut down and most of the Islam brothers team are networking for onelife. I do not have substantial evidence to declare such opportunity as scam as it is running legally in many countries. I personally believe these two brothers had no intention of harming any individuals or wanted to “scam” people as they have clearly announced their resignation publicly, as they could have just stayed silent like many are and continue to make substantial income in the low, hence why their names are on the media outlet. People who are continuing to promote this company should be accountable for their own actions, and if the Islam brothers have misold this opportunity or others they should be also be accountable. I have seen their presentation and the uncertainty of this company has been clearly explained regardless how attractive the vision and concept maybe. Everything comes with a price.
I have no affiliation with any companies or Islam brothers, information and facts I collected are based on my own research and through conduction questions.

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The flashy Islam brothers heavily promoted get-rich-quick scheme OneCoin - now they've abandoned it


Investors who've ploughed their savings into a virtual currency might be alarmed to hear that two of its biggest promoters have bailed out.
It's just months since brothers Moyn and Monir Islam were carried shoulder high into a rally to gush about the fortunes to be made from OneCoin - despite obvious flaws like the fact it cannot be traded on any open market.
“We have moved into our first dream home, we have bought our dream car,” boasted Monir.
“I believe in the OneCoin concept, I believe in the vision,” declared Moyn.

Moyn and Monir Islam promoting OneCoin owner OneLife

Well, they don't believe in it any more.
“We were making multiple six figures a month, but as time went by for the last months, things have started to blur up quite a bit,” they've now said during a live online forum.
The pair claimed that they started to question OneLife, the parent company behind OneCoin, but could not get the answers they wanted.
“We don't want to live in the dark, we don't want to continue to promote something where we no longer have the answers,” they said.
They did not say what the questions were, but if it was me the first one would have been: “Since you cannot trade OneCoin, how can you make money from it other than getting commission for bringing in new recruits?”

Moyn and Monir Islam were carried shoulder high at OneLife rally

Moyn – or maybe Monir – went on to say: “The money we are making right now, we don't feel good about it.
“We cannot continue to promote a company we can no longer call home.”
This must come as a shock to those listeners who were so recently sold the OneCoin dream by the brothers through their business ODTGoPro.
So how did the pair placate them?
It turns out they've moved into a new venture, “wearable technology”.
It's a gizmo called Helo which you wear on your wrist and it can do stuff like monitor your heart rate – the brothers were vague on detail.
“Wearable technology is to be £34billion by 2020,” they claimed.
“By us having the number one product on this planet, can we be at least worth £2billion by 2020? Absolutely yes, if not more.”
Really? The company behind Helo is called World Media & Technology Corp, its shares trade in tiny volumes on one of the smaller United States markets and have halved in value this year.
But never mind the product, the money lies in getting commission by bringing in more recruits.
“Why are you networking? To make commission, that is the reality,” one of the pair admitted.
They spoke of an 18-year-old with no network marketing background who made £40,000 in her first month flogging Helo, and a couple who made £630,000 last year.
You get 10% commission. Persuade someone to buy the family pack of four wristbands and that's about £107.
Up on screen flashed a chart showing how your network would build if you recruit two people, the next week they each recruit two, then they all recruit two each, and so it doubles every week.
By week five that's 4095 people and $409,500 is yours if they all bought a particular Helo pack, according to the chart.
But the figures were all over the place. Week 5 on the chart is followed by another week 5, then after week 7 you'd expect week 8 but the chart doubles back 
Like most similar networking schemes, this one comes with risible titles, the brothers said their aim is to become President Millionaires.
There were outlandish promises, such as a free Rolls Royce Ghost for top performers.
And there was pressure selling, with warnings of the opportunities missed if you leave it too late to join.
“We have started three days ago, 200 people have signed up, we can do this together, you can choose to sign up,” they urged.
So, if I can paraphrase, the message to disillusioned people roped into OneCoin by the Islam brothers amounts to: “Give us some more money and join us on another half-baked scheme”.
What must really rankle, is that they make it sound like they're doing you a favour.